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1847 Gooseneck Pumper similar to our goo

1847 Gooseneck Pumper similar to our gooseneck pumper

This is a photo of a gooseneck pumper similar to our first fire apparatus. Our apparatus was purchased in 1847 and remained in service until 1862 when it was retired and put into storage. The name “gooseneck” derives from the curved discharge pipe visible on the very top of the pumper. The playpipe (that appears next to the gooseneck) would be attached to the swivel gooseneck pipe and directed at the fire. The hard suction hose used for drafting is hanging on the side of the apparatus. Firefighters operated the long handles up and down to power the pump; the faster, the better. The apparatus was hand-drawn.

Gooseneck pumper front panel

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