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1956 American LaFrance.JPG

1956 American LaFrance 750 gpm Pumper

Our 1956 American LaFrance pumper was in service until 1983. It had all of the features of our 1947 LaFrance, and more. You can see a deck gun (a master stream appliance), midship on the top. A 2-way radio was mounted under the dashboard. And the hose bed, that carried 1,000’ of 2½” hose, had a new addition: a shelf was installed above the hose bed to carry a skid load. The skid load consisted of two 150’ lengths of 1½” hose, preconnected to a 2½” supply line. This made it possible to deploy two attack lines and a supply line in a hurry. As you can see, the pump operator’s panel was located on the curb side of the apparatus.

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