1965 Ford Pirsch.JPG

1965 Ford Pirsch 1000 gpm Pumper

The 1965 Pirsch pumper, built on a Ford chassis, was equipped with a 1,000 gpm 2-stage Hale pump. It had a gas engine, 5-speed manual transmission, hydraulic brakes, and a 3-person cab. Additional firefighters stood on the tail board and hung onto a bar. This pumper carried 1,000’ of 2½” hose and a skid load containing two 1½” attack lines. Two booster lines on electric reels flowed water from the 500- gallon tank. A 24’ aluminum extension ladder, a 14’ roof ladder, and a 12’ attic ladder were all mounted on the curb side. Turnout gear was stored in rails adjacent to the hose bed. The Pirsch pumper remained in service until 1983.