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1970 Hahn 1000 gpm Pumper.JPG

1970 Hahn 1000 gpm Pumper

Our 1970 Hahn pumper, purchased during the 100th Anniversary year of Relief Hose Company, featured a gas engine, 5-speed manual transmission, and air brakes. The Hale 2-stage pump had a capacity of 1,000 gpm, and the booster tank carried 500 gallons of water. The hose bed contained 1,000’ of 2½” hose (later replaced with 3” hose), a 150’ preconnected 2½” attack line, and a 150’ preconnected 1½” attack line. The master stream appliance, visible on the top deck, flowed 750 gpm. This apparatus was also equipped with a foam nozzle and eductor, along with cannisters of foam concentrate. And of course, there was the standard complement of ladders, hard suction hose, forcible entry tools, extinguishers, and portable lighting. The Hahn pumper remained in service until 1995.

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