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1979 Mack 75' Aerialscope.jpg

1979 Mack 75' Aerialscope

This 1979 Mack (actually delivered in 1980) was equipped with a 75’ Baker Aerialscope. It was our first apparatus with a diesel engine and automatic transmission. The elevating platform (known as “the bucket”) had a 1,000-gpm master stream appliance, a 1½” attack line, lighting, and forcible entry tools. There was an escape ladder bolted to the topside of the 3 boom sections. During aerial operations, the truck was lifted completely off the ground by 4 hydraulic jacks and 2 hydraulic outriggers. This truck carried a full complement of aluminum ladders, forcible entry tools, salvage equipment, ventilation equipment, portable lighting, an electric generator, and water rescue equipment. Our Mack Aerialscope remained in service until 2006 when the chassis was retired and the aerial device was mounted on a new apparatus.

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