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1983 mack.jpg

1983 Mack 1250 gpm Pumper

In 1983, we took delivery of this Mack pumper with a diesel engine, automatic transmission, air brakes, a 1,250 gpm Hale 2-stage pump, and a 750-gallon water tank. The hose bed contained 1,000’of 3” supply hose (later 5” hose), and a 150’ preconnected 2½” attack line. Two 150’ preconnected 1½” attack lines were located in the transverse trays above the pump operator’s panel. The cab had room for two firefighters, with an additional three in the open jump seats. No one was permitted to ride on the back step anymore. The original voltage inverter was later replaced with an electric generator to power the portable scene lighting and other equipment through on-board outlets. The master stream appliance flowed 500 gpm. The Mack pumper carried all of the usual equipment, including ladders, forcible entry tools, ventilation and salvage equipment, and a foam appliance, but no turnout gear. Firefighters now carried their gear in their personal vehicles. The Mack remained in service until 2018.

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