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2017 Pierce 1500 gpm Pumper

Engine 52-1, our front-line engine, is this 2017 Pierce PUC pumper with a 1,500 gpm single stage pump. The cab, which seats 7, contains a tablet with dispatch information and hydrant maps, a thermal imaging camera, multi-gas meters, leak detectors, an automated external defibrillator (AED), 4 UHF mobile radios, and 9 portable radios. It carries a 150’ 1¾” preconnected attack line in the front bumper, a 150’ and a 200’ 1¾” preconnect in crosslay trays at midship, and a 2½” preconnect in the rear hose bed. The hose bed is packed with 1,200’ of 5” supply hose and 300’ of 3” supply hose. The master stream appliance, located up top, has a flow capacity of 1,250 gpm, and a Mercury monitor at the rear flows 250 gpm. The pumper carries 60’ of aluminum ground ladders, a variety of forcible entry and demolition tools, foam application equipment, 5 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with spare air cylinders, fixed and portable scene lighting, and a hydraulic electric generator with on-board outlets. This apparatus is equipped with our newest set of hydraulic-powered extrication tools as well as a complete set of stabilizing struts. The Pierce pumper remains in service.

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