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2023 E-One 95' Midmount Aerial Platform

Tower Ladder 52 is a 2023 E-One HP95 Midmount aerial platform ladder. The Typhoon cab has a capacity of 6 firefighters. The aerial platform reaches a height of 95 feet. A waterway carries water to the master stream appliance, mounted on the aerial platform, which can be operated remotely. The platform accommodates 2 firefighters. Five self-contained breathing apparatus are on board, and breathing air is also provided at the aerial platform. TL52 is equipped with a hydraulic electric generator, scene lighting, ventilation fans (both positive and negative), heavy forcible entry and demolition tools, salvage equipment, Stokes basket, gas-powered chainsaw, demolition saw, and extinguishers. The truck carries a full complement of aluminum ground ladders, including extension ladders, straight/roof ladders, a folding ladder, and a Little Giant.

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